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how to install water filter

If you’ve put off purchasing an under counter water filter because installing the system sounds too difficult, you’re not alone. I avoided the project for months because, when it comes to home DIY, I’m a one-man disaster. My local plumber and electrician get rich cleaning up my messes, so I was surprised to discover the […]

how effective are refrigerator water filters

Refrigerators with built-in water filters seem like a great deal—you need a refrigerator anyway, so why not purchase one that filters your water? While certainly better than nothing, refrigerator filters have significant limitations when compared to dedicated whole house or countertop filtration systems. Size Matters Most built-in refrigerator filters use activated carbon as filtration medium. […]

healthy options

Transformation doesn’t happen overnight. If you think you can become an optimally fit health nut in a matter of weeks you’ll be in for a huge disappointment. But there are many small and simple steps you can take now that will put you on the path to being happier and healthier. Making small adjustments over […]

cracked coconut with splashing water

When people think of coconuts, they probably think mostly of how to use the pulp – for drinks candy, cookies etc. But many are unaware of the great value that coconut shells have – a value that is vitally important to water filtration and preserving the environment. Coconut shells are a wonderful resource because they […]

Cooking with Filtered Water

Drinking water in the US usually is free of most pathogenic microorganisms that cause serious illnesses, such as typhoid, dysentery and cholera. This largely is due to the disinfection of public water supplies with chlorine. While water chlorination eliminates most waterborne contaminants, problems remain. Disinfected but unfiltered water can contain large amounts of chlorine and […]