water contaminants

Increased Flooding in Miami Jeopardizes the Water Quality

In terms of water quality Miami has been on the receiving end of a seemingly endless supply of negative press in the last few years. After an extensive report released by Bloomberg examined the flaws in Miami’s existing water supply residents are more concerned than ever about the risk of flooding in the area, and […]

Hard Water Leads to Cancelled Surgeries at Local Hospital

Staining was identified on surgical instruments used at Memorial Healthcare Hospital in Owosso, Michigan, during an otherwise routine inspection process. Officials at the hospital canceled several scheduled and elected surgeries as a precautionary measure after they discovered visible stains on surgical instruments that were believed to be sterile. According to Brian Long, President and CEO […]

Water Contamination Discovered at Michigan Elementary School

On September 18, 2018, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) released a statement that drinking water at Robinson Elementary School in Grand Haven, Michigan tested positive for elevated levels of PFAS. After the discovery, students and staff were provided with bottled water. In late October, follow-up tests found PFAS levels of 171 parts per […]

Water Line Rupture Causes Bacteria Scare in Texas

The water quality in the town of San Angelo, Texas, was compromised last month when an abrupt water main break on the south side of town caused one of the tanks in the public water system to completely drain. The scale of the water line rupture allowed the water pressure within the system to drop […]

PFAS Contaminants Found at Alarming Levels Across Michigan

The ongoing water crisis in Flint isn’t the only major contaminant problem for the citizens of Michigan. The state is in the process of testing more than 1,000 water supplies across the state for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs, or PFAS contaminants) after multiple communities have detected unsafe concentrations of the contaminant in their water […]