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running bathroom faucet

In the midst of the hoopla and excitement of Super Bowl 50, Colgate ran a small quiet ad during the second half of the game to make a stark point about water conservation. In case you missed it, the ad begins with a man turning on a bathroom faucet and starting to brush his teeth. […]

The rules and regulations passed to curb the severity of the drought may be permanent. Unprecedented water preservation ordinances passed in March earlier this year have been wildly successful. When the regulations were passed, the ultimate goal was to reduce California’s water consumption by 25 percent. In the four months that the water consumption in […]

Leading scientific and policy experts convened at the California Drought and Water Policy Forum and the Legislative Roundtable On Rethinking California Water Policy to discuss the future of California’s water policies during the ongoing historic drought. General consensus was for sweeping regulatory changes and ongoing conservation efforts that don’t cut big businesses a break. On […]

California water restrictions

With a powerful El Niño expected to bring heavy precipitation to drought-stricken California, some wondered if the end of urban water restrictions was in sight. Such hopes, unfortunately, may be premature. In a November executive order, Governor Jerry Brown called for an extension of water restrictions until drought conditions improve. The new order keeps urban […]

new years resolutions

The New Year is quickly approaching, and you know what that means: New Year’s Resolutions. If you’re concerned about the environment, you might be considering some eco-friendly resolutions. Here’s a few attainable steps to make your life a little greener. Switch from Disposable Plastic to Glass Water Bottles Disposable plastic water bottles are a serious […]