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Fiji Water Further Muddies the Waters of Hollywood with Murky Sponsorship Stunt

The Golden Globes celebrated the best and brightest in Hollywood last Sunday, but one viral sensation appeared to steal the show: The Fiji Water Girl that sparked her own hashtag and more than 50,000 tweets during the awards. Orchestrated to appear as an organic snafu, the stunt involved model Kelleth Cuthbert standing directly behind celebrities […]

10 Shocking Facts About Bottled Water

It should be no secret that we aren’t fans of bottled water here at Pelican. While there are several reasons for disliking plastic bottles, the main issues can be broken down into three main categories: first, using bottled water can cost your family thousands of dollars a year; second, plastic pollution is destroying our natural […]

Why You Shouldn’t Refill Disposable Water Bottles

Disposable plastic water bottles are an environmental nightmare. A million plastic bottles are purchased every minute across the globe, but only nine percent are recycled. Most of those bottles are made from polyethylene terephthalate, which takes over four hundred years to naturally decompose. Even for people who try to avoid plastic, single-use plastic bottles are […]

Why Does My Bottled Water Expire?

Water is the purest source of nourishment on the planet. You just need two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen, and a container to keep it in. Many families are surprised, then, to learn that bottled water actually has an expiration date. What happens if you ignore the “sell by” date on bottled water? How is […]

Where Does Your Bottled Water Really Come From?

Many brands of bottled water use carefully chosen names and visuals to evoke imagery of a babbling brook or crystal-clear spring deep in the untouched mountains of some faraway countryside. Believing that your bottled water came from such a pristine source can influence your experience and convince you that you’re drinking the best water available. […]