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Tap water faucet in dry area

The groundwater aquifers that your private well taps for your water supply cannot be easily monitored, which means a summer well water drought can strike at any time, especially if you have a shallow well. During prolonged summer droughts you may feel uneasy, assuming your well could dry up any day. Groundwater levels naturally dip […]

Placing red tile

The weather is perfect, the sun is in the sky, the kids are frolicking in the yard, and you actually have some free time. Summer is the ideal time to roll up your sleeves and finally complete those home renovation projects you’ve been putting off for months. Once you’ve toiled and sweated through the morning […]

Girl smiling holding filtered water bottle

In our ever-mechanized world there is nothing quite as tranquil as leaving the glowing devices and metal grids of the city behind to unwind and reconnect with nature in the great outdoors. Summer camping is the perfect activity to teach your children about the slower, quieter moments in life. Even if you don’t have kids […]

summer activities for kids

In 2018 sweltering heat and humidity are an accepted part of summer. But don’t let the sun drag you down – kiddos can enjoy the sunshine and stay cool by diving into some exciting and refreshing water games and activities. Just prepare to get soaked! Water Gun Fight This classic summertime activity is popular for […]