Pelican Water College Scholarship Announces Spring 2018 Winners

After the success of our photo submission contest in the fall we decided to expand the scope of the spring 2018 College Scholarship Contest. We know many students read or hear about the benefits of water conservation, but we wanted our scholarship winners to provide actionable steps and inspiration for a new generation of conservationists. […]

Pelican Water Sustainability Scholarship: Fall 2017 Winner Announcement

This last semester we decided to switch things up for our bi-annual College Scholarship Contest. The impacts of water pollution and the effects of implementing systems of sustainability both shape our planet in highly visible ways. Many of the world’s brightest students experience the world through visual social media channels and accessible online content: we […]

Pelican Water Sustainability Scholarship 1st Place Winner: Brooke Wayman

Last semester we received numerous excellent submissions for our bi-annual College Scholarship Contest, but one entry stood above the rest in its systematic and holistic approach in arguing against the widespread public acceptance of purchasing bottled water. Using an enthusiastic approach to research and presentation that sets her apart from her fellow students at Central […]

Pelican Water Sustainability Scholarship 2nd Place Winner: Mariana Duenes

Countless students submitted thoughtful and intricate submissions for our bi-annual College Scholarship Contest, but no entry captured our attention like Mariana Duenes’ incredibly creative entry. Told from the perspective of a discarded water bottle, Duenes critiques the plastic waste crisis by giving it life and urgency, illustrating in vivid detail the impact plastic water bottle […]

Pelican Water Sustainability Scholarship 3rd Place Winner: Mingjie Feng

Pelican Water received many riveting essays in response to our bi-annual College Scholarship Contest. Mingjie Feng’s entry grabbed our attention by using a persuasive combination of polling, personal research, and relevant interviews. By getting into the mind of real consumers and leaders, Feng examined the demand for and benefits of sustainable, affordable filtering systems as […]