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What Happens When Outdated Salt Softener Technology Is Replaced With Salt-Free

Most Americans (approximately 89%) deal with hard water in their home. The standard solution to this predicament has long been a salt-based water softener. But, as concerned families may know, many areas of the country have effectively banned salt-based water softeners as a health and environmental hazard. Right away, this raises questions: what properties of […]

How to Measure Water Hardness What is hard water? Hard water is the most common problem found in the average home. Hard water is water that contains dissolved hardness minerals above 1 GPG. How water hardness is measured? Water hardness usually is measured or reported in grains per gallon, but some laboratories use milligrams per […]

DIXON, CALIFORNIA – Residential salt water softeners, a common choice to softened/conditioned water to homeowners and their families have caused a backlash of salty wastewater and are currently causing major problems in the city of Dixon, California. The dilemmas faced by California water officials were multi-faceted. First of all, the runoff from these salt water […]