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What Happens When Outdated Salt Softener Technology Is Replaced With Salt-Free

Most Americans (approximately 89%) deal with hard water in their home. The standard solution to this predicament has long been a salt-based water softener. But, as concerned families may know, many areas of the country have effectively banned salt-based water softeners as a health and environmental hazard. Right away, this raises questions: what properties of […]

What is hard water? Hard water is the most common water problem found in the average US home. Hard water describes water containing dissolved “hardness” minerals above 1 GPG. Dissolved calcium and magnesium are most often responsible for hard water. How is water hardness measured? Most water hardness testers measure or report hard water in […]

DIXON, CALIFORNIA – Residential salt water softeners, a common choice to softened/conditioned water to homeowners and their families have caused a backlash of salty wastewater and are currently causing major problems in the city of Dixon, California. The dilemmas faced by California water officials were multi-faceted. First of all, the runoff from these salt water […]