salt based water softener


Salt-Based Water Softeners Slowly Killing Limited Water Supply

Salt-based water softeners are “old technology” water softeners that primarily remove “hard” minerals, like magnesium and calcium, from families’ drinking water. The process that removes these hard minerals is ion exchange, in which ions of the undesired minerals are swapped with those of sodium ions. The result is a “softer” water that allows detergents and […]

7,800 Gallons Down the Drain – How Salt-based Water Softeners Harm the Environment

Once welcomed as effective solutions for hard water, salt-based water softeners have recently come under fire, due to the negative impact they have on the environment. If you’re still using one of these outdated units, here’s how an upgrade can help you save vital resources: Substantial Waste Although they effectively eliminate hard water, salt-based softeners […]