Miami’s Serious Water Problem

According to a recent in-depth news report, the city of Miami will face serious water problems in the not-too-distant future caused by an interplay of factors. First, the highly managed and fragile system residents rely on for clean water would likely be upset by a rise in sea level. The low-lying neighborhoods in Miami and […]

Our New Sustainability Scholarship Aims to Reduce Plastic Pollution

We spend our days at Pelican Water filtering, purifying, and protecting the planet’s most precious resource: water. The “go green” initiative at Pelican Water was born from our passion for the environment and conservation. As we developed our products we sought methods that would save energy and eliminate salt and chemical discharge while softening and […]

Ocean Plastic Set to Triple in Ten Years

You’ve likely seen some horrific images, whether in commercials, documentaries, or on social media, of a helpless bird or sea creature tangled in a web of plastic. Plastic and chemical pollution are among the leading causes of our oceans’ frightening drop in biodiversity, and the problem is only poised to become worse. According to a […]

Drinking water violations examined by NY Times

NEW YORK —Regulatory and water system data analyzed by The New York Times show that more than 49 million people in the US have consumed polluted drinking water since 2004, according to a report in the December 8 print edition of The New York Times. Pollutants of concern included concentrations of chemicals like arsenic or […]