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The 7 Most Common Drinking Water Myths & Facts

Water is the most essential part of our lives. Every living being must consume a certain amount of water every day for basic bodily functions and to maintain optimal health. Plumbing and public drinking water utilities have been a part of our society for centuries, so it’s only logical that some misconceptions about drinking water […]

Hair Myths Debunked

We all spend plenty of time washing, conditioning, drying, and treating our hair. Your hair serves as a fashion statement and a natural extension of your personality. In recent years, many hair myths have started popping up, making people question their tried-and-true hair care methods. We’ve all heard by now that some people experience great […]

water softener myths vs facts

  Myth: Ion Exchange softeners are the only way to soften water. Fact: The term “water softener” is a marketing term used to describe a group of products that can help soften water. To grasp the complexity of the issue there are the two definitions of soft water, and both definitions need to be considered. […]