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Many consumers may believe, based on the flowing rivers in promotional images and logos, that Nestle’s bottled water products derive their water from locations where fresh water is abundant. As opposing forces clash in Ontario, Canada over the intended purchase of land and well water, however, it’s becoming clear that big water companies take water […]

The environmental cost of disposable plastic bottles, the potential leaching of chemicals from plastic into water, the often dubious claims made concerning water sources, and the sheer price leave us thinking a water filtration system is a greener and more reliable source of purer, cleaner water. A recent bottled water recall has done little to […]

The driver of the vehicle probably never realized what happened. He or she parked next to a stream, and left a little while later. Not exactly the kind of event that would normally inconvenience six thousand people, but shortly afterward, the residents of Nibley, Utah, found themselves without water for a full 48 hours. Whoever […]

Downtown Brentwood

As part of the City of Brentwood’s commitment to reduce chloride levels in wastewater, the city now offers a generous water softener financial incentive package for residents considering purchasing a non-salt or potassium-based water softening unit. The City of Brentwood, CA is offering $700 for existing salt-based softeners to be removed by prequalified plumbers and […]

California is currently suffering through a serious drought. The water-parched Central Valley has pumped enough groundwater out of local aquifers that in some areas the ground is actually sinking. In the midst of all this, it turns out that oil companies have been injecting chemical-laced wastewater into aquifers for decades—and they’ve been doing it with […]