Pelican Water Scholarship 3rd Place Winner: Keith Fell

    Countless rousing essays were submitted to Pelican Water for our bi-annual College Scholarship Contest, but Keith Fell’s direct and powerful essay that cuts to the core of the messaging and funding issues inherent with water treatment awareness grabbed our attention immediately. Keith’s essay encouraged innovative thinking to properly inform the students of today how their […]

    USA outline with faucet

    Flint, Michigan: The Tip of the Lead-Contaminated Iceberg

    A recent investigation by USA Today Network revealed what we at Pelican have sadly predicted for some time: Flint, Michigan is only one of thousands of communities affected by excessive lead levels in drinking water. You can check this interactive map provided by USA Today Using data from the last four years, the USA Today investigative […]

    What About the Water Quality in St. Joseph, Louisiana?

    The drinking water crisis in Flint, Michigan, has gained national attention as new details of the poor water quality coming from the Flint River continue to make headlines. The issues of water treatment and poor management have outraged citizens around the country as they rally behind the residents of Flint in their quest for safer, […]

    Water Authorities Distorting Lead Tests Across Nation

    In a January article, the Guardian reported on a frightening trend in water safety: namely that water authorities across the nation deliberately downplay the amount of lead found in public water. According to the Guardian’s anonymous source, who the publication claims has extensive knowledge of copper and lead regulations, tactics used are so common they […]

    Potential Lead Poisoning in Sebring, Ohio

    Corroded pipes release harmful levels of lead into public drinking water. Charges of willful negligence leveled at those in charge. The future health of growing children in doubt. It sounds like we’re talking about the water crisis affecting Flint, Michigan, but these ominous statements also apply to Sebring, Ohio. On 3 December, 2015, the Ohio […]