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The Conversation About Water We Should All Be Having with Our Kids

The Conversation About Water We Should All Be Having with Our Kids

I’ve been increasingly concerned about lead and contaminants in my children’s drinking water, as I’d been following the Flint, Michigan water crisis long before the issue hit the mainstream news. My reading and research quickly led to the frightening conclusion Flint was anything but an isolated incident. Are my own children at risk? The frightening […]

Benefits of Reducing Your Child’s Soda Intake

We’ve heard the cautionary tales: Soda corrodes stomach lining, soda removes enamel from teeth, soda’s caffeine content is habit-forming. But for all the PSAs and widely known health problems associated with soda consumption, the average amount of money per household spent on sugary drinks every year is on the rise, according to NY Daily News. […]

Family Dinners Vital for Your Children’s Health and Happiness

It’s common knowledge that eating meals at home with your family is significantly cheaper than eating out. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average American family spends nearly twice as much per meal outside the home as opposed to those cooked in the kitchen. That said, creating a routine of eating together in […]

Family Dinners and Pelican Water Bottles: A Perfect Combination

Family dinner is a time to reconnect after busy days at school, work, or play. It’s also a great opportunity to educate children on important issues and guide their development. In today’s hectic, technology-based and disposable society, a family dinner harkens back to a simpler time. Pelican’s elegant new 32oz capacity glass water bottles are […]

Encouraging Kids to Drink Water

Kids’ growing bodies need a steady supply of clean, filtered water, but getting your children to drink the recommended amount can be an ongoing battle. To many kids, a glass of water is a substitute for sugary fruit drinks and sodas, neither of which provide more than empty calories and, in the case of soda, […]