John Arias: Hydration Tips for Cyclists

Professional cyclist John Arias has been the proud owner of a Pelican Water Filtration System for 18 months. Here’s are this pro athlete’s top tips for staying hydrated with filtered water while competing in cycling and other endurance events. I have been a cyclist for 20 years, and a professional cyclist for over 10 years. […]

Proper Hydration Tips For Cyclists

As a professional cyclist the most important aspect of my training is to hydrate well. According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) failing to drink enough water throughout the day and especially during training can lead to more problems than dehydration. Running low on water can cause heat illnesses, muscle fatigue, energy loss, […]

How to Stay Hydrated at Outdoor Summer Events

New festivals spring into existence every year, packing every weekend of the summer full of opportunities to work on your tan and rock out to the some talented musical acts in the summer heat. Even if you’re not a musical festival fan you’ll likely attend at least one outdoor summer event this season, whether it’s […]

Alternatives to Water for Staying Hydrated in the Colder Months

As the leaves begin to change color and we gleefully anticipate the first snowfall our drinking habits begin to change too. The hot, balmy months of the summer cause us to sweat constantly, but most people stay properly hydrated because they are trying to cool down from the heat. Between water, juice, lemonade, and sports […]

You’re a Pro Athlete: How Much Water Should You Drink?

Most of our readers probably aren’t starting for the New England Patriots or spending their days training at a FIFA football pitch. But even if you’re not a professional athlete, any form of exercise takes its toll on your body. As the amount of exercise in your daily routine increases, so does your body’s demand […]