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The Many Flaws of Water Pitcher Filters

Water filter pitchers are very popular. Designed to sit in your refrigerator, pitchers feature a charcoal-based filter that’s supposed to remove metals and chlorine residue from tap water. Such pitchers are available in almost any grocery or big-box store in the country. Despite their popularity, these low-cost, brand-name water filter pitchers simply aren’t very effective—and […]

Customers Care About Their Home Filtration

An industry leader in high-performing, eco-friendly water treatment solutions, Pelican has established a well-deserved reputation for delivering quality, reliable products and service. If you want to get a sense of Pelican’s dedication to quality and service, look no further than our customers. Check out the following comments from some of our satisfied customers and see […]

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Home Water Filtration Systems Compared

Home water filtration is the best way to ensure that your family is drinking delicious, cleaner water, free from harmful contaminants and chemicals. A good water filtration product will remove the majority of contaminants, such as: Disinfectant byproducts: While water chlorination can eliminate many contaminants, its use can introduce harmful chloramines into the water Fecal […]

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Home Water Purification Solutions

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as a crisp, cool glass of water on a hot day. When you need to parch your thirst, you shouldn’t have to worry about the quality of the water you’re drinking. Although water treatment facilities have strict codes that must be met when filtering public water, there still can be […]