holiday meals

3 Next-Level Recipes for Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and your refrigerator is stuffed with leftovers. Eating the same dinner for the next four days may prove monotonous: give your post-holiday meals a twist with any of these next-level recipes for your Thanksgiving leftovers! Turkey and Cranberry Quesadillas These gooey and tart delicacies combine the sweet taste of cranberry […]

Common Thanksgiving Mishaps: How to Prepare for the Unexpected

No matter how meticulously you plan for Thanksgiving something unexpected is bound to happen. Following our Thanksgiving planning checklist will keep your celebration on track, but follow these tips as well to be prepared for common Thanksgiving mishaps. Purchase a Fire Extinguisher – We’re not joking. According to the National Fire Protection Association Thanksgiving is […]

Hosting Your First Friendsgiving: A Step-By-Step Guide

In recent years demographics have changed and family units have shifted, but our love for coming together during Thanksgiving hasn’t changed at all. In large cities friends who are away from their families consolidate forces for a makeshift joint celebration with their local “family,” and blended families around the country buck tradition and break bread […]

holiday meals

A First-Timer’s Guide to Holiday Meals

Designing a holiday menu many not seem like a complicated endeavor, but there is an art to it. Chefs and consultants use specific strategies to help them determine exactly which recipes to incorporate into important meals. While your gathering may not be quite as elaborate, you can still use these tactics to make your meal […]