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John Arias Trains to Win With Pelican Water

After reading about the incredible technology behind Pelican Water’s filtration systems I couldn’t wait to train using their filtered water. It has been 3 months since I’ve been drinking Pelican Water’s refreshing filtered water, and I have to say it’s been nothing but rewarding. Two weeks ago I returned home from Spain, where I always […]

Easy, Healthy Snacks to Power Your Productivity

Even if you bring your own homemade lunch to work every day there will occasionally be long stretches between meals when you need a healthy snack to power through and stay focused. In the health world snacking often gets a bad reputation, but if you choose healthy snacks you can fuel yourself positively and stay […]

Benefits of Exercising During the Winter

Exercise is much more appealing when we’re preparing for beach season and the warm sun is shining as we go for our morning run or do yoga on the lawn. But as the snowy winds of winter roll in many athletes and fitness enthusiasts take an extended break from exercise and retreat into a more […]

How to Trick Your Brain Into Making Healthier Choices

Every year we make resolutions to eat healthier, get more exercise, drink more water, and sleep for eight hours. But by the end of January we’ve stopped going to the gym and have gone back to eating microwavable meals every night. Transforming your lifestyle for a happier and healthier you takes a great deal of […]