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It’s that time of year again – now that March has officially arrived, it’s time to grab a pan, turn on the stovetop, and prepare your favorite noodle dish to celebrate National Noodle Month! The National Pasta Association has set aside the third month of the year to savor some of the most popular comfort […]

As we head into spring after a particularly cold winter it’s time to don your running shoes, get outside, and celebrate National Nutrition Month by getting into shape and treating your body right! Nutrition is certainly about eating food that is beneficial to your body, but nutrition doesn’t end at the dinner table – physical […]

DIY Face Mask Recipes

There’s nothing quite like a facial treatment to rejuvenate your skin and leave you feeling completely refreshed. But spa visits are quite expensive: you can’t afford to get a professional facial every weekend. Luckily, there’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on top of the line spa facials. In fact, you don’t even need […]

clear ice

For my last birthday, a friend gave me one of those novelty ice molds. You know the ones—made of silicon they produce ice cubes in a variety of fun shapes. Mine is in the form of a well-known space smuggler after he wound up frozen in carbonite. Excited (I amuse easily, okay?) I poured water […]

filtered water

Drinking adequate amounts of tasty, filtered water is an important part of any weight loss or exercise program. Drinking sufficient water to stay hydrated helps keep you mentally and physically alert, improves digestion, and helps your liver and kidneys filter toxins. If you need a little help on your quest to lose those extra pounds, […]