Hosting Your First Friendsgiving: A Step-By-Step Guide

In recent years demographics have changed and family units have shifted, but our love for coming together during Thanksgiving hasn’t changed at all. In large cities friends who are away from their families consolidate forces for a makeshift joint celebration with their local “family,” and blended families around the country buck tradition and break bread […]

eco friendly family activities

Earth Day: Go Green Activities for Every Family

Earth Day is rapidly approaching – on April 22nd, global communities will come together to channel their energies toward conservation and environmental issues. On Earth Day organizations, families, and friends give their voice to environmental consciousness by leading by example. For you and your family, Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to participate in several […]

Family Dinners Vital for Your Children’s Health and Happiness

It’s common knowledge that eating meals at home with your family is significantly cheaper than eating out. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average American family spends nearly twice as much per meal outside the home as opposed to those cooked in the kitchen. That said, creating a routine of eating together in […]