nestle water lawsuit

Judge Determines He Needs More Information in Nestle Case

A quick refresher: multiple environmental groups filed lawsuits against Nestle for continuously withdrawing millions of gallons a year from Strawberry Creek in San Bernardino National Forest with a permit that expired in 1988, or over 25 years ago. When the news first broke in 2015 Nestle defended its right to syphon and remove local resources […]

How to Measure Water Hardness

What is hard water? Hard water is the most common water problem found in the average US home. Hard water describes water containing dissolved “hardness” minerals above 1 GPG. Dissolved calcium and magnesium are most often responsible for hard water. How is water hardness measured? Most water hardness testers measure or report hard water in […]

Water on the Web

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) just released a tool that gives the public access to review actual water quality. This mapping tool will allow private citizens the opportunity to compare trends in water quality for the last two years. As an interactive, web-based platform, information seekers can find: State-specific information Data on facilities in violation […]