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Earth Day: Go Green Activities for Every Family

Earth Day is rapidly approaching – on April 22nd, global communities will come together to channel their energies toward conservation and environmental issues. On Earth Day organizations, families, and friends give their voice to environmental consciousness by leading by example. For you and your family, Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to participate in several […]

Earth Day 2015

Earth Day: Moving Towards a Sustainable Planet

On April 22, 1970, the first Earth Day was held across America, attracting 20 million Americans to rallies and demonstrations for a healthy, sustainable environment. In many ways the first Earth Day brought the environment into the public eye—prior to that day, environmental awareness received little media attention. Over two billion people across 192 nations […]

weather emergency

Preparing for a Weather Emergency

Extreme weather events can leave you stranded in your home, without electricity, food, or a reliable water source. In such cases, it’s important to have an adequate supply of nonperishable food and water. Emergency Food Supplies FEMA recommends maintaining enough nonperishable food to feed everyone in the house for at least three days. Depending on […]

eco-friendly gifts

Top 5 Eco-Friendly Gifts for the Holidays

Gifts are a favorite part of the holiday tradition and the perfect way to show loved ones just how special they are. Yet it’s important to think about the long-term, environmental effects of your holiday gift giving—consider that 65% of household waste comes from packaging, according to the EPA. The following eco-friendly gifts are the […]

Keeping Plants Alive While Away

Your Dream Vacation Awaits – But What About Your Beautiful Houseplants? Your sister loves pets and has agreed to take care of your beloved family Poodle while you are away, but she lacks a green thumb. This is a dream vacation planned for years, and it would be a shame to come home to wilted […]