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Can the Water Infrastructure in Phoenix Outrun a Drought?

Droughts happen all the time, but the persistent drought in the American Southwest is historic. A combination of climate change and patterns in arid areas has placed populations in desert cities in vulnerable positions. The city of Phoenix is facing dwindling water supplies, and is trying to act fast to avoid a future without water. […]

How Is the Snowpack in California Affecting the Drought?

We’re entering year six of one of the most severe droughts in modern history. The California drought continues as farms struggle and grass shrivels up and dies across the state. However, if you only follow the news the drought seems to have gone away. While the headlines instructed citizens to conserve water and take precautionary […]

drought, flood & fire in california

Drought, Flood, and Fire: A Deadly Combination for California

The dry desert climate of Northern California in face of a complete lack of rainfall has led to a wildfire season that continues to intensify. The Washington Post reports that California hasn’t been this dry in over 500 years, and the effects are not hypothetical. Wildfires are breaking out across California, causing widespread structural damage and […]