Drinking Water

One Year With My Pelican Water System

Professional cyclist John Arias has been the proud owner of a Pelican Water Filtration System for one year. Here’s what this pro athlete had to say about making the leap and filtering all of the water in his home with the help of Pelican Water. Cycling has been a part of my life for almost […]

Perfect Drinks for Memorial Day Weekend

As we honor those who fought for our country and spend quality time with friends and family this Memorial Day weekend we also celebrate the beginning of summer. As it starts to heat up staying hydrated should be your top priority while slaving over the grill in the summer heat. Keep everyone cool and refreshed […]

Lactation Recipes for Breast-Feeding Moms

When all is well breast-feeding works naturally, but occasionally moms will need an extra boost of support in order to keep producing regularly. Luckily, we know several food items and recipes that can keep your lactation on track. Most women won’t experience significant issues producing milk, but these recipes will help you stay proactive – […]

Water Scarcity Is Here: 5 Cities That Could Run Out of Drinking Water

If you live in a wet climate that experiences consistent rainfall each year you may find it hard to believe that much of the world is confronting one of the most dire ecological problems of our century: water scarcity. Water is the world’s most precious resource, and our economy reflects that as water is poised […]