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What is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?

We all are aware of the damage that plastics and debris in the ocean are causing, both for marine ecosystems and for the longevity of the planet in general. But how can a casual observer quantify, or contextualize, the scope of waste and debris present in our great oceans? Enter the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, […]

What Water Pitcher Filter Companies Aren't Telling You

What Water Pitcher Filter Companies Aren’t Telling You

More and more families are realizing that water filtration is an important step for protecting children and adults alike from common contaminants. However, most families that purchase water filters simply go with water pitcher filters that are stored in the refrigerator. As these filters are sold by big brands, shoppers assume that these filters are […]

Planning for a New Baby: Crib, Car Seat . . . Drinking Filter?

Congratulations! You’re about to become a parent. The next nine months will be a whirlwind of preparation, excitement, and probably a bit of anxiety, all of which is perfectly normal. The list of items you need to welcome a new child into your home is staggering. Car seats, cribs, strollers, diapers, blankets, baby clothes, and […]

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Home Water Filtration Systems Compared

Home water filtration is the best way to ensure that your family is drinking delicious, cleaner water, free from harmful contaminants and chemicals. A good water filtration product will remove the majority of contaminants, such as: Disinfectant byproducts: While water chlorination can eliminate many contaminants, its use can introduce harmful chloramines into the water Fecal […]