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Flint water tower

Two years … for two years the residents of Flint, Michigan, were exposed to lead-contaminated water while local and state authorities dismissed claims that the brown-colored, odious water pouring from city taps represented a health threat. Exposure lasted two years despite the fact evidence indicated a problem within weeks of switching from Detroit’s water supply […]

Warning: The following pictures graphically illustrate the seriousness of the world’s water pollution problem. These photos are not only from developing countries or nations with lax pollution control laws, half are from the U.S., prompting an important question: What’s in your water? 1. San Juan County, Colorado Yellow mine water pools at the entrance to […]

Dirty Water Debate | Pelican Water

Over the past several months, residents of Flint, Michigan have endured disturbing water quality issues that have left them frustrated and angry. It all started shortly after the city – in an attempt to save money – stopped purchasing treated Lake Huron water from Detroit in favor of locally-treated water drawn from the Flint River. […]

Is Your Water Safe? | Pelican Water

Every day, people go about their business seemingly unaware of the potential dangers lurking in their water supply. The fact is not all water is good for our health or the environment in which we live. What’s worse, because contaminants are typically too small to perceive, it’s often difficult to tell if your home’s water […]

dirty water

Citizens of Flint, Michigan, are angry—and rightly so. The water flowing from their taps is a dirty brown. Freshly drawn bathwater has an oily film, and brown rust circles are appearing around drains. There are claims of mysterious rashes developing on young children and unexplained illnesses. Pets who drink the municipality’s water are falling sick, […]