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The sewer system of Colorado Springs could now be potentially contaminated with deadly, cancer-causing chemicals. Early last week, Peterson Air Force Base somehow accidentally dumped over 150,000 gallons of toxic wastewater contaminated with PFCs into the Colorado Springs sewer. PFCs, or perfluorinated compounds, are used to make products resistant to stains, grease, and water damage. […]

Why You Shouldn't Drink That Bottled Water You Found in the Car

We’ve all been there – after a walk to the car in the scorching heat, you find a half-full water bottle rolling around on the floorboard. As you unscrew the cap and blast the AC you have a flittering thought: how long has this water bottle been here? But a moment later it passes as […]

Scariest Things Found in U.S. Water

Since it’s discovery the lead contamination of Flint, Michigan has drawn national headlines. As a country previously unaware of the deep-seated issues with its water infrastructure, America is rapidly discovering the risks and dangers of trusting pipelines and poor planning in the face of new threats to our health. Here are the scariest things found […]

The last time you heard arsenic mentioned was most likely as a method of murder in a thrilling mystery novel. Since arsenic is synonymous with poison in our society, homeowners are understandably alarmed when they learn their tap water may contain trace amounts of arsenic. But the truth is that many homes, especially those serviced […]

I consider myself someone who cares about the environment and my health—after all, the two are connected. I shop locally for organic produce. I frequent the local farmers’ market, and I think about both what goes into my meals and how I prepare them. Like my mother before me, I soak and wash all my […]