nestle water lawsuit

Judge Determines He Needs More Information in Nestle Case

A quick refresher: multiple environmental groups filed lawsuits against Nestle for continuously withdrawing millions of gallons a year from Strawberry Creek in San Bernardino National Forest with a permit that expired in 1988, or over 25 years ago. When the news first broke in 2015 Nestle defended its right to syphon and remove local resources […]

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Pelican’s New Cardboard Recycling a Tremendous Success

At Pelican Water, we’re committed to providing water conserving products at affordable prices with a minimum of impact on the environment. If it helps make our products or factory processes greener, we’re interested in it. Our environmental philosophy drove our latest recycling project. We were all too aware our factory produced over 100 tons of […]

blue bogo toothbrush

Eco-Friendly, Socially Aware Toothbrushes

With so many affordable eco-friendly products on the market today, it’s no wonder people are becoming green shoppers. From composters and reusable glass bottles to clothing and cooking supplies, there’s an eco-friendly solution for almost all your day-to-day needs. There’s even a green alternative for dental hygiene! Bogobrush, a new company founded by Jamestown, North […]

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15 Tips for Running an Eco-Friendly House

As Americans become increasingly conscious of their impact on the environment, eco-friendly living has become popular. For many people, living green begins with their home life. Below are 15 suggestions which can make your home greener, reducing your carbon footprint and, as a happy side effect, your bills. Switch from Plastic to Glass If you […]