Combo System

Pelican Combo System Featured in Healthy Mom & Baby Magazine

Pelican Water’s “Premium Filtration System” was recognized as a Healthy Mom & Baby’s parent-preferred baby items.  It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to protect our children from the dangerous chemicals and additives used to ‘disinfect’ our drinking water.  The best investment you can make for your the well-being of your family AND your home is install […]

Pelican Water & Organic Spa Magazine

Pelican Water is gracing the pages of Organic Spa Magazine this month with an ad featuring our Whole House Water Filter and Water Softener Alternative  combo system. Organic Spa Magazine is on the leading edge of health and wellness, natural beauty and skincare, eco-fashion, green design, organic and artisanal food and drink, travel and much […]

Champion Canine Frisbee Champion Gets ‘Paws’ on Combo System

Living in north Georgia we have some of the hardest water in the United States. The average water hardness with county water or city water ranges from 10 to 25 on the hardness scale. However, my local area in the counties water comes directly from a local spring and or hardness is 155. After living […]