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World Water Day – March 22nd, 2016

Water is by far the world’s most precious resource. Here at Pelican Water we make it our mission to supply cleaner, safer filtered water at affordable prices to as many families as possible. It’s no secret that as the nations of the world continue to develop, the treatment and protection of water across the globe […]

dirty well water compared to clean well water

Well Water Filters are “Well” Worth the Investment

Many homeowners who live far away from their local municipality choose to source their home’s drinking water from a private well. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 15 million households in the United States use private well water for drinking, cooking, and bathing water. If you own a private well, you’re responsible […]

Woman is fetching water from a jug for a young boy.

Ten Shocking Facts About How We Consume Water

Clean water is a given in most U.S. communities, where municipal treatment systems churn out gallon after gallon, day after day. Unfortunately, throughout the world, countless people go without access to clean water, which greatly affects quality of life, leaving many to suffer from severe illness as a result. To get a better understanding of […]

Is Your Water Safe?

Every day, people go about their business seemingly unaware of the potential dangers lurking in their water supply. The fact is not all water is good for our health or the environment in which we live. What’s worse, because contaminants are typically too small to perceive, it’s often difficult to tell if your home’s water […]

The Right Quantity and Quality of Water for Your Pets

Like humans, animals need a certain amount of water to keep their bodies functioning at optimal levels. That said, not all maintain the same needs. If you’ve been wondering if your pet is getting enough fluid, understand the basics of pet hydration. Size and Species While cats and dogs both require minimum amounts of daily […]