5 Things Chlorine Can Damage

Chlorine has been the go-to choice for water disinfection in public water systems for decades. This choice is understandable – chlorine is inexpensive and is effective at reducing harmful substances in your home’s water. But if chlorine is left in the water you drink and bathe in the substance can damage: Bacteria First, chlorine isn’t […]

Top Reasons Your Hair Color Fades So Fast, and What You Can Do

Whether you’re looking for a rock star look or simply covering those roots, many of us have colored our hair. In fact, some of us do it every month! When you pay a colorist in a salon or when you patiently do it yourself in your home bathroom it’s always a small miracle when the […]

What Your Salt Softener Company Isn’t Telling You About Chlorine

Why did you buy a water softener? Chances are you’d either read about or experienced the negative effects of hard water. Scale buildup leaves residue on your water heater, appliances, and on your plumbing fixtures. Soaps and detergents become less effective. The high count of minerals in your drinking water caused multiple problems, and you […]

Irritant Dermatitis: Could Chlorine Be the Culprit?

Most of us have probably had a rash or allergic reaction at some point in our lives. Whether you fell into a thicket of poison ivy or found out the hard way that you’re allergic to certain types of makeup, you may have felt the wrath of a terrible rash and the inconveniences associated with […]

Chlorine Residue in the City of Boca Raton: When Public Water Disinfection Hits High Gear

On November 8, 2015, the City of Boca Raton Utility Services Department announced a two-week modified disinfection process was in effect. The more aggressive treatment provides additional protection against bacteria, but means drinking water will contain chlorine residue instead of the relatively weaker chloramine residue. The process will continue until Sunday, November 22, 2015. What […]