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Irritant Dermatitis: Could Chlorine Be the Culprit?

Most of us have probably had a rash or allergic reaction at some point in our lives. Whether you fell into a thicket of poison ivy or found out the hard way that you’re allergic to certain types of makeup, you may have felt the wrath of a terrible rash and the inconveniences associated with […]

5 Reasons You Need A Shower Filter

When families first consider filtering the water in their home, they tend to gravitate to the dangers of ingesting unfiltered water. Properly treating your drinking water is a crucial step to protect your family’s health, but it’s not the only source of chemicals, pollutants, and irritants. The water in your shower can cause plenty of […]

Summer is in full swing, and with the oppressive heat everyone looks forward to taking the plunge into a cool, refreshing pool. Swimming is a fun way to get exercise and beat the heat come summer. Immersing yourself in a pool of water seems like a no-brainer – after all, water is the most important […]

Cooking with Filtered Water

Drinking water in the US usually is free of most pathogenic microorganisms that cause serious illnesses, such as typhoid, dysentery and cholera. This largely is due to the disinfection of public water supplies with chlorine. While water chlorination eliminates most waterborne contaminants, problems remain. Disinfected but unfiltered water can contain large amounts of chlorine and […]

Showering in Chlorinated Water

Many Americans drink filtered water, which is an excellent idea. Filtered water is purer, cleaner and tastier than unfiltered water. It contains virtually no impurities, chemicals, or contaminants. But what about bath and shower water? Many American families bathe in unfiltered, chemical-laden water. They are unaware that multiple studies have found that disinfecting chemicals – […]