California river lacks water due to drought

    California Water Supplies Not Looking Good for 2016

    El Niño bringing relief, but not enough In December of 2015, the Californian Department of Water Resources predicted many of the state’s water agencies will only receive 10 percent of expected supplies in 2016, half what they received in 2015. The department also cautioned this prediction could change if el Niño brings heavy rain and […]

    Ten Little-Known Facts About the California Drought

    The current drought in California has continued unabated since the first substantial drop in precipitation in 2011. The lack of water is drying up the entire state and its effects are severe and well reported. California has instated water restrictions and reservoirs are drying up as the state fights to give its citizens access to […]

    California Drought

    How to Drought-Proof California’s Farms

    California’s agriculture continues to struggle under the effects of four years of extreme drought, causing many to worry how long the state can continue to grow half of the U.S.’s fresh produce. In many areas, desperate farmers are drilling wells so deep they threaten to collapse the aquifers they rely on. Then there’s Warren Brush’s […]

    The Salton Sea's Water Supply is Dwindling

    The Environmental Impact of the Dwindling Salton Sea

    California’s ongoing drought has sapped water aquifers and reservoirs, creating problems that could spell disaster in the coming years. Take the Salton Sea, for instance. The state’s largest lake, this 360-square-mile body of water was created by accident over 100 years ago when agricultural runoff pooled in the middle of the Sonoran Desert. For a […]

    almond tree field

    How much water do almond crops in California consume?

    With California’s drought continuing to make the news, and municipal water restrictions in effect, news sources stirred up outrage by announcing it takes one gallon of water to produce one almond. That translates into approximately 20 to 24 gallons of water per ounce of almonds, meaning 10% of California’s water goes to almond farming. Suddenly, […]