Californians with Contaminated Water Outraged by Newsom’s Proposed Tax

Many Californians have been without clean drinking water for years. Last month Governor Gavin Newsom released a state budget that included a proposal for a new fee on drinking water to fund projects designed to improve systems in the state currently piping contaminated water into homes. California counties in the Central Valley are hit hardest […]

California's Weird Water Laws

California’s Weird Water Laws

As far as water is concerned, California has been through some rough years. Coming off of a devastating five-year drought, many areas in the state experienced unprecedented rainfall in the early winter months of 2017. This excessive rain on top of dry soil unable to properly soak in the water quickly led to flooding, mudslides, […]

nestle water lawsuit

Judge Determines He Needs More Information in Nestle Case

A quick refresher: multiple environmental groups filed lawsuits against Nestle for continuously withdrawing millions of gallons a year from Strawberry Creek in San Bernardino National Forest with a permit that expired in 1988, or over 25 years ago. When the news first broke in 2015 Nestle defended its right to syphon and remove local resources […]

clean beach during sunset

Southern California’s Cleanest Beaches

Scientists at Heal the Bay have released their annual Beach Report Card, which assigns grades ranging from an A to an F to all of California’s beaches based on weekly bacterial pollution levels just off the coast. Taking a dip in the ocean on an “F” beach can quickly lead to skin rashes, stomach flu, […]

Drought Prompts Pismo Beach Building Moratorium

In Pismo Beach, the California drought now has a direct effect on development. The city council declared a building moratorium in December of 2105. The three tiered moratorium is a response to reports the state may only be able to allocate 10 percent of normal water allocations to municipalities in 2016. Pismo Beach received 23 […]