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3 glasses of beer

As we discussed last year, the most important ingredient in your home-brewed beer isn’t the hops, or the yeast, or the malt – it’s the water. When beers were first coming into prominence the water quality and content of the geographical area largely determined the type of beer that was developed. Water was the ingredient […]

Whether you’re a home-brewing expert or a first-time dabbler in do-it-yourself beer, you’ll know that water is an integral part of the brewing process. You may not realize, however, how drastically different your final brew can taste based on the type of water you choose to use. Most people that set out to brew their […]

Beer, like swimwear, tends to ebb and flow with the seasons. Each time of year has its own distinct beers, meaning the home brewer is constantly experimenting with new and interesting flavors. We’ve found two beer recipes for you to try, a maple pumpkin ale that can be ready to drink in two weeks and […]

going green in the brewing industry

During the most crippling drought California has faced in over a century, opening a brewery may not seem like an environmentally or economically sound decision. Dry River Brewery, currently opening in the historic Arts District near downtown Los Angeles, seeks to challenge this assumption by striving to become the greenest brewery in all of California. […]

Floods leave communities decimated by causing everything from structural damage to septic problems. While it may seem counterintuitive, they also create potable water shortages for residents and emergency workers. In a striking example of corporate responsibility, an Anheuser-Busch brewery recently came to the aid of flooded communities by producing water instead of beer. 50,000 Cans […]