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bottled water consumption growth

It’s been a booming decade or two for bottled water. As health concerns concerning soda and carbonated beverages have steadily increased, Americans have turned to what they view as healthier alternatives to sweet, sugary drinks. According to a report recently released by Beverage Marketing, bottled water consumption grew by 120% from 2000 to 2015. In […]

Why You Shouldn't Drink That Bottled Water You Found in the Car

We’ve all been there – after a walk to the car in the scorching heat, you find a half-full water bottle rolling around on the floorboard. As you unscrew the cap and blast the AC you have a flittering thought: how long has this water bottle been here? But a moment later it passes as […]

deceptive journey of bottled water

We’re about to take a little road trip. Well, actually, we’re about to take a very long road trip, as we follow a plastic water bottle through its life cycle. Spoiler alert—it doesn’t end well for anyone other than the bottled water industry. Gulping Oil Our first stop will be at an oil well, a statement […]

live without bottled water

Bottled water is everywhere these days—in convenience stores, restaurants, office fridges, and at public events. It’s a multi-billion-dollar industry, consuming an unforgivable amount of energy and filling landfills with disposable plastic bottles. Many people realize this, but find the convenience and ubiquitous nature of bottled water makes them difficult to avoid. Actually, it’s very easy […]

three water bottles

I used to have a coworker who was “That Guy”—the one who never washed his coffee cup. Oh, he thought he was cleaning it—at the end of every day he’d rinse it under the tap and leave it to air dry, but that’s like washing your hands without soap. At best, you give yourself the […]