Bottled Water

10 Shocking Facts About Bottled Water

It should be no secret that we aren’t fans of bottled water here at Pelican. While there are several reasons for disliking plastic bottles, the main issues can be broken down into three main categories: first, using bottled water can cost your family thousands of dollars a year; second, plastic pollution is destroying our natural […]

Major Bottled Water Brands Test Positive for Plastic Particles in Bottled Water

In a large scale investigation Orb Media has revealed that more than 90% of the name brand bottled water samples they tested contained a significant amount of microplastics. An average amount of 10 plastic particles per liter were found in the 250 water bottles purchased from 9 different countries. For this measurement, each particle counted […]

Why I Will Never Buy Bottled Water Again: Testimonials from Pelican Customers

Making the switch from drinking bottled water to filtered water has obvious benefits for the environment: cutting down on plastic consumption and waste reduces the amount of non-biodegradable waste that ends up in landfills and in the world’s oceans every year. By choosing to forgo bottled water altogether you also get to experience the joys […]

Bottled Water: How Much Are You Really Paying?

If you’ve read any of the blogs here at Pelican Water you’re probably aware of the negative impact bottled water has on the environment. Over 38 billion water bottles (108 times the US Population!) are thrown away (not recycled) in the United States alone every year, generating an almost unfathomable amount of non-biodegradable plastic waste. […]

bottle of water and tap water pouring in to glass

Bottled Water Vs. Tap Water – What is Better?

When you compare the costs of bottled water versus drinking water out of your faucet at home, it’s obvious that bottled water is more expensive. In fact, according to Slate, bottled water is nearly 300 times more expensive, with an average price of $1.22 a gallon. If you’re purchasing a single use bottle of water, […]