Published: July 23, 2018

    Summer Water Activities for Kids

    In 2018 sweltering heat and humidity are an accepted part of summer. But don’t let the sun drag you down – kiddos can enjoy the sunshine and stay cool by diving into some exciting and refreshing water games and activities. Just prepare to get soaked!

    Water Gun Fight

    This classic summertime activity is popular for a reason: the universal appeal of running around in the backyard coupled with the joy of cooling off while blasting your friends makes a water gun fight fun for all ages.

    While kids may be enamored with the huge, multi-chamber water guns in the store, remember that these behemoth soakers actually run out of water quickly due to their high-powered design. Refilling water guns frequently will take the fun out of a water gun fight, so stick with medium-sized water guns that only emit a single stream when the trigger is pulled.

    Your kids will work up a sweat in the throes of battle, so have some hydrating beverages ready to serve when they take a break. Some children are adverse to drinking water, so liven up their refreshing beverages with some help from Pelican Water. Prepare one of our irresistible summer drinks like watermelonade or vanilla-cran-raspberry punch.

    Water Balloon Games

    Of course, you could always fill a hundred water balloons and throw them at each other, just like a water gun fight, and your kids would have a blast – for about ten minutes, until all of the balloons have popped. Preparing water balloons is labor-intensive, so make the fun last longer with some group-oriented water balloon games.

    Try your hand at Water Balloon Volleyball. The setup is simple: use a typical volleyball net, and split up into teams of two or three people. Each team gets a large beach towel, and you take turns tossing the water balloons back and forth, trying to prevent them from popping by catching them in your beach towel. If the balloon pops on your side the other team gets a point!

    Another great water balloon game for kids is the Back-to-Back Race. Partners must stand back-to-back, balancing a water balloon between them. The first team to cross the finish line still holding an unbroken water balloon between their backs wins! Every time the balloon drops or pops you must race back to the start and begin with a new water balloon.

    Water Tables

    Toddlers want to hang outside with the big kids, so give them a fun water activity too. Water tables are relatively inexpensive – you can buy one online for around $40 – and they provide hours of entertainment when it’s nice and hot outside.

    Some water tables are designed to resemble ponds, rivers, and rain forests, while others emulate environments like a water park where toddlers can help figurines “ride” a lazy river or a water slide. To help multiple kids play at once you can pick up affordable funnels, measuring cups, and scoopers from your local dollar store.

    Especially when splashing around outside kids should also be drinking filtered water to remain hydrated. If you don’t feel like serving the recipes recommended above find another way to ensure your children drink enough water while enjoying the outdoors. If they are going to a friend’s house to play fill up a sports bottle that they can bring along to sip water throughout the afternoon. Have a fun and safe summer!