water based summer movies

    Published: July 21, 2016

    Summer is Blockbuster Season: Cool Off With a Movie!

    The temperature is rising and school is out – summer is here, along with the opportunity to create some great memories with your family. Along with summer comes a seemingly endless selection of new Hollywood blockbuster movies and sequels. But why spend a fortune when you can enjoy a movie at home?

    One terrific and affordable summer activity is keeping cool with a water-themed movie. If you have a pool, set up a projector outside for a great swimming party and home cinema combo. Grab some snacks, slip into a swimsuit, and get lost in one of our favorite water-centric movies.

    Finding Nemo – screen this crowd-pleaser as a primer before heading off to the critically acclaimed follow-up, Finding Dory (currently in theaters). This family-friendly romp follows a young clown fish, Nemo, and his father, Marlin, as they traverse the entire ocean to be reunited after a diver captures Nemo. The trademark Pixar magic and a wonderful performance by Ellen DeGeneres as Dory make this ocean film a must-see.

    Free Willy – Try not to get goose bumps rewatching this 90s classic, which chronicles the friendship between Jesse, a lonely orphan, and Willy, an Orca whale help in captivity that’s just trying to reunite with his family. The film inspired a new generation of animal rights activists, and brought attention to endangered and captive aquatic species across the globe.

    Blackfish – If you’re in the mood for a gripping and mature alternative to Free Willy, you can’t beat the powerful documentary Blackfish, concerning Tilikum, a captive killer whale at SeaWorld. The harrowing and impassioned film sticks with you, and is great educational viewing for adolescents and teens. In March of this year, SeaWorld announced it would no longer breed orca whales in captivity.

    The Water Horse – Loosely based on the legend of the Celtic water horse and the alleged sightings of a creature in Loch Ness, The Water Horse is a riveting, wholesome film detailing the unlikely bond between a boy and a creature that hatches from a mysterious egg. The creature, which he names “Crusoe,” goes on to become the fabled Loch Ness monster. A fun choice for all ages.

    Mad Max: Fury Road – This movie is rated R for intense action and violence, but Mad Max: Fury Road is a beautifully crafted film that demonstrates how vital water is for our survivor. Max and his compatriots live in a grim future where water is scarce and those that control it run the world. Topnotch car chases and excellent acting make this a top blockbuster for summer.

    Cool off in the pool while you watch your favorite film with a refreshing fruity drink. Infuser water bottles infuse a burst of strawberry, lemon, mint, or other flavor to your delicious filtered water, and they’re pool-friendly. Enjoy!