Published: February 21, 2018

    What Stockton, CA Residents Can Do About Their City’s Questionable Water Quality

    Residents living in Stockton, CA, likely have relaxed after an ongoing debate regarding the use of chloramines to treat the water supply. Readers in the Stockton area are likely aware of the much-publicized switch to chloramine that the city implemented to reduce the amount of disinfection by-products (DBPs) created by treating the water with chlorine.

    In two of the last three years the water in Stockton exceeded, and therefore violated, the federal standards for DBPs. Chronic exposure to disinfection by-products can cause a host of health problems according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), including liver damage and damage to the central nervous system.

    According to an article appearing on RecordNet.com early last year the introduction of chloramines in the water supply have reduced the frequency of harmful DBPs by 70%. This on its own is welcome news to wary homeowners and tap water drinkers in the region. However, this simple statistic can be deceiving – there are other issues and other potential contaminants that can work their way into your water when chloramines are the primary disinfecting agent.

    Chloramines are inherently toxic to fish, amphibians, and other small animals kept as pets in your home, as the disinfectant takes longer to dissipate from the water. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) chloramines are 2,000 times less effective than chlorine for the inactivation of E. Coli and rotaviruses. Treating your water with chloramines can leave you vulnerable to these types of viruses and contaminants.

    Private citizens of Stockton who have contacted Pelican Water for their water treatment needs have also disclosed that the water in their immediate area has tested positive for high levels of TCE (Trichloroethylene). Short-term exposure to TCE can cause dizziness, headaches, and irregular heartbeat. Long-term exposure can increase your risk for liver cancer, kidney cancer, and lymphoma. These known health risks should be taken seriously if you suspect high levels of TCE in your Stockton neighborhood.

    So what can concerned citizens do to protect themselves and their family from these potential health problems? The most effective solution is a multi-pronged approach.

    A Whole House Water Filter System with a carbon filter will protect you from the harmful effects of chloramines while showering and bathing. For additional peace of mind install a Purification System or an NSF-Certified 2-Stage Countertop Filter to significantly reduce your risk of exposure to TCE and the organic contaminants that chloramines are less effective in fighting. The powerful purification system reduces viruses, cysts, bacteria, and chemicals like chlorine by 99% or more.

    While waiting to learn if your water quality in Stockton is acceptable don’t leave matters to chance. Enjoy fresher, safer drinking water that tastes and feels great by trusting Pelican Water with your water treatment needs.