Published: March 9, 2018

    How to Stay Healthy During National Nutrition Month and Beyond

    As we head into spring after a particularly cold winter it’s time to don your running shoes, get outside, and celebrate National Nutrition Month by getting into shape and treating your body right! Nutrition is certainly about eating food that is beneficial to your body, but nutrition doesn’t end at the dinner table – physical activity and hydration are equally important components to a happier and healthier you.

    Here are some of our top tips for getting into healthy habits during National Nutrition Month.

    Switch to Healthy Snacks

    There is no one diet that’s right for everyone  – just focus on eliminating junky foods and eating a balanced diet that provides plenty of vitamins and nutrients. While this can be easier during mealtime, we tend to opt for empty-calorie snacks when we need some quick energy on the go. This month, switch to healthy snacks that require almost no preparation:

    • Trail mix with dried fruit and nuts – pistachios and almonds contain extra protein!
    • Greek yogurt with granola and mixed berries (make it a parfait)
    • Hardboiled eggs
    • Celery sticks with peanut butter
    • Dry-roasted edamame – buy in the store for a no hassle snack!

    Get Moving

    Fitting in a trip to the gym once a day can be tough – or downright impossible – if you’re coordinating activities and schedules for an entire family. Instead, brainstorm some fun group activities you can do together to fit in a healthy amount of exercise into your day. Try any of the following:

    • Play tag, hopscotch, or jump rope at the park
    • Take the dog and the rest of the family for a sunset jog after dinner
    • Spend a sunny afternoon playing with kites, hula hoops, or Frisbees in your yard
    • Think outside of the box – take the kiddos to a round of laser tag!

    Drink More Water

    Up to 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Help your family stay healthy and enjoy a more nutritious lifestyle by encouraging them to drink more water! Here are a few ways you can help your kids (or your reluctant spouse) to drink filtered water throughout the day:

    • Remove sodas from the refrigerator – stick to water, milk, and low-sugar juices
    • Get each person in your family a reusable bottle so they can stay hydrated at school, at work, or at practice
    • Make water fun – get colorful and decorated sippy cups for your youngest kids
    • Make sure your home’s water doesn’t taste funky – install a water filter so your children are more likely to enjoy fresh, great-tasting water

    It’s All About Portion Control

    One simple way to start leading a more nutritious lifestyle is to stop overeating during meals. Many restaurants in America portion their meals much larger than in other countries, and this leads to a higher rate of obesity in families in the United States. Here are some simple ways to cut down your portions:

    • Switch to smaller plates, bowls, and cups to visually cue your body that the meal is finished once your plate is cleared
    • Dish out meals separately from the stove rather than serving family style at the table to discourage second helpings
    • Reduce the amount of times you eat out at restaurants each week to avoid larger portions
    • Utilize vegetables in your recipes to add volume to your meals without the calories

    For best results, don’t quit these healthy habits once April rolls around. Use National Nutrition Month as a springboard to a transformed lifestyle!