clean beach during sunset

    Published: March 31, 2016

    Southern California’s Cleanest Beaches

    Scientists at Heal the Bay have released their annual Beach Report Card, which assigns grades ranging from an A to an F to all of California’s beaches based on weekly bacterial pollution levels just off the coast. Taking a dip in the ocean on an “F” beach can quickly lead to skin rashes, stomach flu, and upper respiratory infections.

    Swimming in water filled with contaminants is incredibly risky and can cause harmful health problems. And mixing of water sources makes it worse; only 63% of California Beaches earned an “A” or “B” grade last year when rain was factored in. Stay safe: here are some of the cleanest beaches in California that have received an “A” or “B” on Heal the Bay’s Beach Report Card this year.

    • Lee Carrillo Beach: In the most recent Beach Report Card this Malibu beach scored an “A” for its pristine waters and generally clean beach. A note: the “A” grade accounts for dry seasons like the summer, but in wet seasons the grade drops to a “B” due to potential runoff.
    • El Matador State Beach: Another Malibu sweet spot, this beach maintains an “A” or “A+” year round. At Encinal Canyon the runoff is minimal and the surrounding area draws little pollution, so feel free to dive in the water without worrying about harmful bacteria.
    • Will Rogers State Beach: The grades near the Temescal Canyon storm drain remained at an “A” or better throughout the year, wet or dry. Treat yourself to a relaxing, refreshing day at the beach just a quick drive away from Los Angeles.
    • Hermosa Beach: The majestic Hermosa Beach, nestled in between Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach, scored high “A”s near the section of beach right by Twenty-Sixth Street. It’s the perfect spot to hang ten and catch some rays.
    • Abalone Cove Shoreline Park: Palos Verdes beaches boast immaculately clean water. At a straight “A+” year round, this two-for-one spot houses Abalone Cove and Sacred Cove beaches. What are you waiting for? Take the whole family and dive right in.
    • Cabrillo Beach: The oceanside section of this beach is incredibly clean and cool, scoring an “A” or “A+” all year. It’ll stay clean and safe to swim in as long as you don’t drift harborside. The water by the harbor is so polluted that it may be closed permanently.

    It’s essential for you and your family’s health to research the water quality and cleanliness of a beach before visiting. Some of Southern California’s dirtiest beaches include Mission Bay, Santa Monica Municipal Pier, and Huntington Beach at Brookhurst. The quality of the water in these areas is so poor that they undoubtedly contain scores of pathogens and contaminants, yet hundreds of thousands of residents swim there every year.

    Be sure to take the steps necessary to ensure that the water your family interacts with is clean and safe, whether drinking water or swimming water. If you have any concerns about the water quality in your home, contact a professional at Pelican Water today.