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    Published: April 6, 2016

    Small Steps to Getting Healthy

    Transformation doesn’t happen overnight. If you think you can become an optimally fit health nut in a matter of weeks you’ll be in for a huge disappointment. But there are many small and simple steps you can take now that will put you on the path to being happier and healthier.

    Making small adjustments over time can have a huge impact on your overall health and wellbeing. You’ll be surprised how many benefits the following small changes can truly have on your body and mind. Here are simple, minute steps you can take to begin living a fuller, healthier life:

    • Swap Butter for Oil: People that utilize oil when cooking instead of butter reduce their risk of heart disease by 19 percent in just one year. Switch to a healthier option for sautéing and cooking, like canola oil or vegetable oil, to fuel yourself with minimal healthy fats instead of butter.
    • Park Farther Away: Instead of gunning for the spot by the door to the supermarket, park in the farthest corner of the parking lot. In the course of one year you’ll add over 12 miles of walking distance to your overall total, and shed all of the calories that go along with it. And this extra exercise doesn’t require a gym membership!
    • Minimize Internet Browsing: Americans continue to spend hours a day browsing the Internet, and the hours of inactivity really add up. Force yourself off the computer after 30 minutes so you take care of important emails and tasks and free up your day for more exciting endeavors. Or, if you work on your computer, cut up the time spent in front of the screen by doing 5 minutes of exercise every half hour you’re online.
    • Go For a Walk: Start by spending one out of every four television sessions you have planned going outside instead. The fourth time you sit down to catch an episode of your favorite show, go for a walk or go play catch in a local park instead. Break up the monotony of channel surfing to keep your body and mind active as you age.
    • Avoid Fast Food: It’s accepted as common knowledge that fast food is full of calories, loaded with fat, and lacking in nutrients. When you have a busy day planned, spend five minutes planning out your meals so you can avoid stopping by an unhealthy fast food restaurant if at all possible. Wake up 10 minutes early so you can pack a sandwich and some fruit instead.
    • Cut Out the Soda: One can of soda contains about 140 calories. If you replace one soda a day with a refreshing glass of calorie-free filtered water, you’ll end up about 15 pounds lighter than you would have been. Carbonated beverages erode your stomach lining, while drinking water instead carries a multitude of health benefits.

    Slow and steady wins the race: make small changes now to put yourself on a path toward a healthy and long life.