Shower Hacks We Can't Live Without

    Published: March 23, 2017

    Shower Hacks We Can’t Live Without

    If you’re completely honest with yourself, you probably spend a solid 10 minutes daydreaming in the shower before hurriedly washing and conditioning your hair and lathering with some soap. Maintaining a healthy, efficient shower routine is a great way to conserve water, but staying on task in the shower can prove difficult. Not to mention all the time you spend cleaning out your drain or soap scum.

    Cut down on cleaning time, unlock your inner beauty, and revitalize your daily shower with these indispensable shower hacks!

    • Tie some sprigs of eucalyptus to your showerhead and leave them there during your showers to feel completely invigorated every morning (or evening, if you take your showers at night). The scent helps you relax, and the steam will release beneficial oils for your skin. Eucalyptus is also an anti-inflammatory and a mood enhancer!
    • Are you constantly trying to tame your frizzy hair in the mornings? The solution may not be a new regimen of hair care products, but rather the way you dry your hair. Simply dry your hair with a cotton t-shirt instead of that terrycloth towel you always use. Terrycloth causes extra friction, which makes your hair frizzier.
    • The hot vapors and steam released during a typical shower can work alongside natural products to unclog your sinuses and combat congestion! Simply follow this easy recipe for making your own vapor rub shower cubes. Place one near the drain before you start your shower, and the vapors will help clear your sinuses and make your shower feel wonderful.
    • Does your shower always rust underneath your shaving cream or shampoo bottles? Prevent the rust from building up by painting the bottom of shaving cream bottles and other shower items with a coat of clear nail polish. Now when you sit a product down it won’t form those brown rings underneath.
    • Save a lot of time in the laundry process with this fun hack: hang wrinkled clothes that you’d like to iron right next to the shower before you hop in! When you’ve finished showering your dresses, shirts, and other clothes will be less wrinkled and more presentable. For lighter fabrics this can save you tons of time ironing!
    • If you have young children or you’re on the shorter side, you may have scuffed your knees and legs against the shower door track more than once. To make your showers safer for the whole family, simply cut a pool noodle in half and place it atop the length of the shower door track. Now your legs will be protected!
    • Chlorine and other chemicals in your water can dry out your skin and damage your hair. Ensure your hair and skin are healthy and radiant by installing a shower filter in your bathroom. These filters also reduce unpleasant chemical odors that subtly emit throughout your shower. Your skin and hair will feel softer in just weeks! Find them in stylish white and chrome colors to meet the design of your bathroom here.
    • Are you tired of cleaning and unclogging the drain multiple times per week? Long hair can make a real mess in the shower. Invest in some disposable hair traps to keep your drain completely clog free without the need to clean!

    When you incorporate these revolutionary shower hacks into your daily shower routine, you’ll look and feel like a new person! Always remember to keep your showers at ten minutes or less in length to conserve water.