Published: October 2, 2012

    Screening Your Water

    Learn About Screening Your Water – Clogging Aerators and Shower Heads

    Some very simple maintenance can keep your home’s water systems in clean and smooth operating condition. Most people know that draining your water heater once a year will flush any sediment that can collect at the bottom. If this sediment has the opportunity to accumulate, it could eventually cause the unit to rust out.

    But even with a consistent regime, sometimes the flow of water through your faucet is interrupted because of particles that get trapped in the aerator.

    Every faucet and shower head has this mini screen called an aerator that breaks up the flow of water as it pours from the tap. Those screens are present to trap particles before they spill into your tub or sink. When you are conducting your water heater maintenance, you can also check these screens to see if they require repair or replacement.

    The particles that can clog these aerators typically come from your hot water heater. And because the same faucet usually delivers both hot and cold water in most homes, the material from the hot water heater can even clog the cold water faucet. This can be caused by fragments of the plastic dip tube in the water heater or small remnants of rust that flush through and are captured on these screens. If your water is not flowing as freely as it usually does, just check the aerator for any foreign matter and remember to clean and replace them periodically.