Published: May 14, 2011

    Saving Money With Replacement Media

    Pelican Replacement Media

    It is important to understand how the media inside the Pelican Carbon Series System works; it absorbs contaminants and removes them from the water. The media does not release any contaminants once they are adsorbed. We offer the replacement media as a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly approach. When it comes time to replace the media, you are not throwing away a tank, fittings, or having to try and dispose of a complete system. Not to mention the cost of hiring a plumber to remove the old tank and install the new one. Some companies are trying to discourage this process and use tactics to scare the consumer in to thinking that they must buy a completely new system when the media expires; this is unnecessary and not very cost-effective. Many other major filter brands on the market sell and advertise replacement cartridges, media, and refills, as this a standard in the industry. This is a standard in the water industry.

    Why replace the entire system?

    Replacing the media vs. replacing the entire system is an option that we offer the consumer, if you feel more comfortable replacing the entire system you can purchase a new system, but if you want to replace just the media, then you have the option. Many consumers feel it is more cost effective and better for the environment to just replace the media. The media inside the Pelican systems can be removed and thrown away just like your trash. It does not require any special procedures, tools or a plumber. When replacement media is purchased it includes a funnel to prevent spills and to make it easy to pour the new media inside the tank.

    The cost of the replacement media does in no way reflect the effectiveness of the system; it is the fuel for the system (it’s like the gas in your car). If you had to replace your car every time you ran out of gas that would be crazy, the same goes for the system. The tanks and fittings are designed for this specific application. The cost of the system does not only include the media inside the tank, it includes many factors: the tank, fittings, media, and labor to build, and overhead. The media inside the tank is only part of the cost of a complete system therefore you can not rate the effectiveness of the media based on the cost to replace it.

    The Pelican Carbon Series Systems are designed with the consumer in mind therefore they offer the option for those who would like to replace the media instead of replacing the entire system. Pelican lets you decide, they don’t decide for you.