Can Water Quality Affect Acne?

You’ve tried the latest creams, you wash your face four times a day, but you still have a noticeable acne breakout most of the time. Acne is a frustrating condition that affects up to 50 million Americans yearly, according to the American Academy of Dermatology Association. When you’re shopping around for an acne remedy, consider […]

How to Make Your Coffee Taste Better at Home

When you sip your morning cup of joe, does it taste watery? Weak? Bitter? Sure, the method you’ve been using at home is fine if all you’re seeking is a caffeine jolt. But if you’re a coffee connoisseur craving a complex flavor, you can be disappointed by your efforts at home. Even if you think […]

5 Benefits of Drinking Water First Thing in the Morning

When you wake up, you’ve gone several hours without a drop of water. That groggy feeling you have as you force some clothes on and drag yourself to the sink to brush your teeth — that could be from sleepiness, or it could be from dehydration. You get H2O in your body throughout the day […]

7 Way to Save Water While Cooking

As you adjust to remaining indoors, you’re probably learning new recipes, brushing up on your culinary skills, and making home-cooked meals more often than before. In addition to helping the environment by working from home, you can keep your water usage at a minimum while cooking by implementing sustainable kitchen practices. Here are our top […]

Working From Home Benefits

As we adapt to ever-changing circumstances, more of us are working from home for the first time. All changes require an adjustment, but the pros of telecommuting are numerous: an eliminated commute, the comforts of home, and more flexibility. Telecommuting is also environmentally conscious, which is a benefit you may not even realize. For our […]

How to Take a Relaxing Shower

These are trying times. Many of us are naturally experiencing an uptick of stress and anxiety as we navigate the new normal and do our best to stay in touch with loved ones. Whether it’s meditation, stretching, or weekly calls with your best friend, many methods exist for you to reduce your anxiety level. As […]

How to Easily Replace Your Sediment Filter

The best part about our Pelican Sediment Filter models PC40 and PC80 is that you can change the filters yourself. There’s no waiting around for maintenance to come and do the job.  Changing your filter Before changing your filter, turn off the main water supply that runs through your system. Also, make sure all your tanks are […]

Testing Your Water for E. Coli

Chances are you’ve seen or heard news of an E. coli outbreak on your local news at some point in the recent past. The coverage was more than likely announcing a recall of a specific grocer’s compromised produce or meats. However, what many of these news stories fail to mention is that E. coli contamination […]

Reverse Osmosis and Whole House Water Filtration Compared

Filtering the water in your house is extremely important. The better the quality of water means better health and wellness for everyone in your home. However, we know there’s a long list of filters to choose from. So, where do you begin? Two popular types of filtration systems include a Reverse Osmosis System and a […]

Protecting Florida Together: How to Take Action to Improve Water Quality

Florida has long battled water quality issues brought on by climate change, pollution, and a delicate water infrastructure. To keep Florida residents fully informed and to connect them to the latest water quality news, the state of Florida recently unveiled its new online dashboard Protecting Florida Together. Protecting Florida Together Governor Ron DeSantis announced the […]