Published: April 1, 2020

    Protecting Florida Together: How to Take Action to Improve Water Quality

    Florida has long battled water quality issues brought on by climate change, pollution, and a delicate water infrastructure. To keep Florida residents fully informed and to connect them to the latest water quality news, the state of Florida recently unveiled its new online dashboard Protecting Florida Together.

    Protecting Florida Together

    Governor Ron DeSantis announced the launch of the new website in November. The site contains important updates on blue-green algae blooms and red tide that compromise the safety of Florida’s drinking water.

    Visitors can also read updates on key environmental projects across the state and dive into the Executive Order signed by Gov. DeSantis. The order outlines the strategic actions the state is rolling out to improve water quality and address environmental issues around Florida.

    The site currently shows live updates for the water quality in three of Florida’s largest bodies of water: Lake Okeechobee, Caloosahatchee River, and the St. Lucie River. The resource center on the site contains several helpful links, including information on stormwater management, blue-green algae, and a basin management action plan.

    How to Improve Water Quality Outside of Florida

    Families who live outside of Florida may not have a statewide online dashboard, but there are still several tools at their disposal to learn about potential contaminants, water boil notices, and changes in water quality.

    Follow these steps to keep the tap water in your home reliably clean and contaminant-free:

    • Test Your Tap Water – You’ll never have a full understanding of your home’s water quality without testing it. With a simple at-home water test, you can determine what minerals, microorganisms, or other harmful contaminants exist in your water supply.

      The Pelican Rapid 16-Point Water Test identifies the sixteen most common contaminants that affect public and private drinking water sources. Water testing is particularly important for homes that use private well-water, as water conditions can change quickly due to runoff, flooding, industrial chemicals, and other complications.

      Full instructions on how to test your water quality and collect your sample are included. Once you receive your results, you can talk to a Pelican Water expert to be matched with an appropriate treatment system for your needs.

    • Download the Pelican Water App – We launched the Pelican Water app to help our customers get the most out of their water filters and softeners, providing a convenient way to order replacement filters and other media.

      The app also doubles as a tool to monitor your water quality in real-time. When you set your location on the app, you’ll receive customized water quality alert notifications for your area, including boil water advisories and reports of high contaminant levels. You will also gain access to healthy lifestyle tips to improve both water quality and the efficiency of your Pelican Water system.

      Download the Pelican Water app today at the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store.

    • Research Common Issues in Your State – Homeowners in dry California will have different concerns than those loving in flood-prone Miami. Learn more about key water issues by state so you can address the problems most likely to affect water quality in your area.

      Digging into the common problems where you live can direct you to water treatment solutions designed for your specific water profile. Areas that regularly test for elevated levels of lead will require a different water filter than those who are routinely contaminated with nitrates.

    Be Proactive About Your Water Quality Governments providing residents with up-to-date reports on local water quality is a massive win for the families of Florida. Whether or not you have access to a similar online dashboard, research solutions to common water quality problems and be proactive to ensure your home’s water is always pure, clean, and refreshing.