Published: October 1, 2018

    Proper Hydration Tips For Cyclists

    As a professional cyclist the most important aspect of my training is to hydrate well. According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) failing to drink enough water throughout the day and especially during training can lead to more problems than dehydration. Running low on water can cause heat illnesses, muscle fatigue, energy loss, and decreased performance. My Pelican Water Drinking Filter System provides me with cleaner, purer water whenever I need it throughout the day simply by turning on my tap.

    During the summer months here in New Jersey the climate gets pretty hot and muggy. This combination of heat and humidity means I have to expend more energy to stay on track, and causes my muscles to combat my drive to ride harder. When the temperatures rise I must make sure to drink high-quality water free of contaminants. I fill up my water bottle with filtered water straight from my refrigerator’s dispenser every time I leave the house. Pelican Water has given me the confidence to hydrate knowing I’m giving my body the absolute best.

    Naturally, water is the smartest choice when you hydrate. Consuming quality water is not only important when I ride; it’s an integral part of my daily life. I must always be preparing my body to ride — the first glass of filtered water hits my lips right when I get out of bed, waking my body. In the morning your body is dehydrated from a night of sleep, and the best thing you can give it is a nice, refreshing glass of clean water to jumpstart your day.

    To maximize my cycling performance I have to follow simple but crucial steps to care for my physical wellbeing. Step #1 is hydration. When I have a glass of water in the morning I don’t drink from a prepackaged plastic water bottled manufactured in some factory. I drink filtered water from my own faucets. Thanks to Pelican Water it’s that simple.

    Quality hydration is one of the key elements of my successful cycling. When you vigorously pedal for hours during training sessions or races your body loses more water than it can absorb. Hence, high quality pre-hydration in my own convenience at home is super-helpful. Heading into a race or training fully hydrated is my key to success.

    As a professional cyclist I have to pay special attention to my joints. Drinking plenty of water is the best and easiest way to lubricate them, keeping me agile and healthy for high-intensity cycling. Since I have been using this great filtration system it has eliminated a lot of unnecessary stress from my life, especially annoying trips to the grocery store to pick up water bottles. The filtered water is perfect for drinking and delivers a better showering, cooking, and laundry experience too.

    Now I have peace of mind during my rides and I can easily put a check mark next to the first step of my cycling routine.