Published: June 14, 2016

    President Obama Urges Flint Residents to Drink Filtered Water

    Earlier this month President Barack Obama visited Flint, MI, in order to assist Governor Rick Snyder in quelling residents’ fears that their tap water is fundamentally unsafe. The state has been in a panic since the lead levels detected in Flint grossly exceeded the national limit. Families were worried that their children would be permanently affected by drinking the lead in their local water supply.

    While giving his remarks in Flint, President Obama emphasized that replacing the piping infrastructure in Flint will many years to complete. With this in mind, his advice for the residents of Flint is to drink filtered water from their tap and to regularly flush their pipes to get the water moving inside the existing piping. This is important so the current pipes can heal with the assistance of a phosphate coating.

    President Obama stressed that the young children of Flint should be free from harm given that they received proper medical evaluation and treatment. Obama pointedly drank water that was reported to be filtered Flint water to prove his point that the water, when treated, is safe to drink for all residents.

    Governor Snyder has publicly promised to drink solely from jugs of filtered local tap water for 30 days to further emphasize its safety. Snyder previously had issued similar statements to the ones Obama made to the residents of Flint. However, they were not well received, as Snyder’s administration was perceived to have caused the water crisis in the first place.

    Lead has been an issue in Flint since it began leaching into the water supply in April of 2014. The primary cause seemed to be logistical and infrastructural mistakes made when the city switched the source of its drinking water from Lake Huron to the Flint River. After months of denials from the state, the Snyder administration acknowledged there was a problem in October of last year.

    President Obama promised that the Environmental Protection Agency has been thorough in their investigation of the water quality in Flint at present. “I want to emphasize that the EPA has looked at this very carefully, and they are very confident that if you use a filter, then it is safe for kids over 6,” he stated.

    While young children are more susceptible to the harmful effects of lead contamination, President Obama also iterated that the age limit for drinking tap water was made knowing it may be unnecessary. “We’re still, out of an abundance of caution, recommending bottled water for children who are under the age of 6, or pregnant women. But if you’re over 6, then, in fact, filtered water is safe and it works,” he said.

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