Published: July 24, 2018

    Pool Day Hacks and Safety

    There is nothing more relaxing than spending a hot afternoon floating in the pool. Having friends and family over to your home for a day splashing around in the pool is the perfect setting to kick back, work on your tan, and make plenty of new memories with your kids and loved ones.

    The combination of the hot sun, slippery water, and concrete surface around most home pools can create some unsafe conditions if you don’t take proper precautions. Unintentional drowning is ranks as the fifth most common type of unintentional injury death in the United States, and 20% of those that drown each year are children under the age of 14.

    Less serious hazards like sunburn and scraped knees are still cause for concern, so follow these steps to keep your pool safe and accident-free all summer long.

    • Install fencing around your pool. The fence should cover all four sides of your pool and measure at least four-feet tall. Use self-latching, childproof gates to prevent young children from wandering into the pool area unsupervised.
    • Always have a designated adult present. When your children and their friends are swimming have at minimum one responsible adult in the pool area at all times. If you must leave the area, even for a short while, get someone else to cover you. Accidents can happen in seconds.
    • Remove toys and balls from the pool area when not in use. As soon as your kids are done playing collect the toys and put them away in a trunk, in the garage, or in the closet. Loose toys can entice toddlers to venture out to the pool, and coupled with the wet ground they can cause slips, falls, and other injuries.
    • Don’t rely on pool toys as flotation devices. Rafts and floaties can help a child stay afloat in limited capacities, but if a child cannot adequately swim a life jacket designed for flotation is the only endorsed safety device.
    • Learn how to swim. Both you and your child should take formal swimming lessons to prevent accidents or accidental drowning. Children of very young ages, from 1 – 4, can enroll in specialized swimming lessons, often for free at a community center.
    • Apply sunscreen every hour. Even in cloudy weather the sun’s UV rays can cause sunburn, especially on fair and delicate skin. Children’s skin is more sensitive. Take a break every hour so your kids can dry off and reapply sunscreen. Wait at least 10 minutes until allowing them to jump back into the pool, or the sunscreen will be compromised.
    • Save water with a pool cover. Cover your pool when not in use to save money and to reduce water waste. Evaporation is the largest source of water and energy loss in a pool. During hot days covering your pool will reduce your bill for heating and maintaining your pool water, and it will keep the level of your pool water consistent.
    • Keep everyone hydrated. It’s harder to tell how much we sweat when we’re swimming in pool water, but when exposed to the sun everyone should drink filtered water throughout the day to stay hydrated. Serve refreshing drinks like mint iced tea to your kids as they swim, and stay hydrated yourself.

    Just adhere to these simple pool day hacks and tips for a frolicking fun day in your pool free of slips and sunburns.